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Cafe Kick is serving delicious daily changing specials, which always include a nice soup, hot pot and other heart warming dishes for lunch!
For more information please call 020 78378077

Soup of the Day served with Artisan Bakery Bread £5.00

Specials of the Day £6.50-£9.50


Buffalo Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil £6.50

Artichoke, Red Pesto and Murcia Al Vino £6.50 (lunch only)

Prego (marinated Steak) £7.50

Chorizo and Rocket £7.50

Jamon and Olive Oil £6.50

Pan Bagnat (Ortiz Tuna, Tomato, free range Egg, Dijonaise)(lunch only) £7

Salads (Lunch only)

Grilled Goats Cheese, Piquillo and Tomato £7.95

Bacalhau, Chick Pea and Egg £7.95

Rocket, Artichoke, Piquillo, Parmesan and Pine Nut £7.95


Kick Platter (Selection of Spanish cured Meats, Cheeses, Olives, Picos de Pan) £7.95/£15

Tapas (Evening only!)

Special see Board

Bread Basket £3

Olives £3

Aperitivo Plate £3.50

Pan con Tomate £3.50

Pan con Tomate y Jamon de Teruel £5.50

Tortilla £4.50

Manchego and Membrillo £4.50

LLonganissa Cured Country Sausage £4.00

Jamon de Teruel £5.00

Chorizo in Red Wine £5.95

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