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Screen printed on best quality garments (American apparel for the 2nd edition or Continental for the third to the fifth edition), they make the perfect present for any table football enthusiast. They are usually very quickly sold out, as we are only getting a very limited number printed.

The first edition "Souvenir de Cafe Kick" was sold out long time ago.

You can still get the second edition, which have the white printed logo of the Kick Association on it.

The 3rd edition (the kick world cup edition) is sold out.

The kick anniversary edition with the number 10 (initially a linol cut) is still available. T-shirts in various sizes and colours (vintage grass, vintage cherry and cocoa) for £15

The euro 2008 edition is sold out.

The new world cup 2010 edition is out now!!!

girls t-shirts, charcoal (m,l,xl) £15
girls long sleeved t-shirt hoodies, grey (m,l,xl) £20
mens t-shirts, vintage black, denim blue, burgundy, (m,l,xl) £18
mens heavy weight washed hoodies, blue, slate grey (m,l,xl) £40
kids, pink, royal blue (1-2y,2-3y,3-4y) £9

We also have a small quantity or our special Olive Oil back in stock!
500ml first hand pressed Olive Oil from the da Vita family, Mussomeli, Sicily, in 'Weck' bottles with hand printed label £10.
The same quality Oil in a shop would cost a fortune!

Email or phone 020 7739 8700