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Buffet Menu

****SNACKING PACKAGE £30 (feeds approx. 5 people)

* -Kick Platter (marinated feta, parma ham, brie, pan con tomate, picos)

* Olive Antipasti Mix (v)

* Hummus with Dukkah (v)

* Cheesy Jalapeno Nachos (veg)

* Mini Pita Pizzas (veg


minimum 25 portions per hot pot.

Choice of: -Chilli Con Carne (with Tortilla Crisps, Sour Cream and grated Cheddar)

-Vegan Bean and Sweetcorn Chilli (v) (with Tortilla Crisps)

-Chorizo, Chicken and Chickpea (with Artisan Bread and fresh Coriander)


BURGERS -100% Beef Burger £8 melted mature Cheddar, Crispy Onions, Gherkins, Ketchup

Pulled Pork Burger £8 BBQ Sauce, Mayo, Pickles

-Hot Dogs £6 minimum 10 people on organic Brioche Finger Roll, smoked Frankfurter, Pickles, Crispy Onions, Mustard

****XL PACKAGE £25 per head

****XL PACKAGE £25 per head minimum order 25 people

-Deluxe Cheese and Meat Platters with a Selection of Spanish Cheeses, Quince, Serrano Ham, Chorizo Iberico Bellota, Salami ‘carn i xua’, Picos

-marinated Artichokes, white Asparagus and Pimenton, smoked Almonds (v)

-Lebanese marinated Chicken with Pomegranate -roasted Portobello Mushrooms (stuffed with sundried Tomatoes, Olives and Capers)(v) -pulled Pork Burger -spiced Cucumber Salad (v) -Quinoa, Herb and Chickpea Salad (v) -fresh Fruit (v)

-Dark Chocolate Tarte, Pear and Almond, French Apple Tarte (veg) OR Selection of Jude’s Ice Cream (veg)

*v=vegan veg=vegetarian

*we do use nuts, gluten, dairy and other allergens in our kitchen and we cannot guarantee that the dishes we serve are free of those. If you have any allergy please make our staff aware.

*please order your Package at least one week in advance.

*a discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill.

The KICK team x

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